Shana Overdorf

Executive Director

Vanessa Kopp

Data Specialist

Vanessa is a North Carolina native and attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She then attended the University of Pennsylvania and received her Master of Social Work degree. During her time at the University of Pennsylvania, she had the privilege of working for the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (HAP). At HAP, she learned that the driving principle behind housing policy and advocacy relies on a shared belief that “if you work hard and play by the rules, you ought to be able to afford a place to live.” She believes the work of The Partnership reflects that vision and provides a crucial platform for housing and homeless service providers to share and advocate for the needs of those it serves. In addition, her internship at CSH following graduation from her program encouraged her to broaden her understanding of homelessness and the multiple systems that influence the families and individual struggling with this issue. That is why she is excited to serve as the Data and Evaluation Specialist. The Partnership recognizes that an end to homelessness and the beginning of sustained housing stability relies heavily on data-informed, multi-disciplinary, and cross-sector partnerships.

Virginia Reed

Virginia has a background in political campaign management, and is excited to take on the new challenge and work alongside great people in the name of public service. She completed her undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University and is a lifelong Raleigh, NC native. She believes that Partnerships and an understanding of shared community values are the key to providing sustainable, long term housing and employment initiatives. She looks forward to learning more about how the scope of homelessness affects Raleigh citizens ranging from veterans, victims of domestic violence, transgender men and women, the LGBT youth community and others.

Olivia Joyner


Olivia is serving as the summer intern from UNC Chapel Hill’s APPLES Service-Learning program. She is a junior, majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Spanish and Anthropology. She hopes to one day receive her Master’s in Social Work and/or Public Health. She believes working with the Partnership will afford her the opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes parts of social service, project planning, and grant writing, all of which will be helpful for her future endeavors in service work.