Michelle Goryn

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Michelle now calls Raleigh home. Michelle began her career in the policy world in Washington, DC, where she worked in the Governmental Affairs Office of the American Bar Association. She later made her way back home to North Carolina where she joined the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) as a Policy Manager. After many years at IEI, she is thrilled to now be working independently as a consultant in the areas of strategy and policy. She has completed projects for a wide variety of organizations including Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research, and the Campus Y’s CUBE, a social innovation incubator at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is currently working with UNC’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on a comprehensive, campus-wide economic development strategy centered around innovation.

Michelle joined the Board of the Partnership in October 2015 because she is passionate about improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable neighbors. She was most drawn to the Partnership’s role as a collaborative network within the community. It is her belief that the most important achievements— such as providing safe, reliable and permanent housing to those in our community who need it— are born from strong collaborations among committed partners, bringing the best ideas together to address some of our greatest challenges.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Languages from Georgetown University and a Masters in Political Science from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Michelle Mozingo

Michelle Mozingo is currently the McKinney-Vento District Liaison for Wake County Public Schools. She is responsible for ensuring the local school system identifies, serves and supports students experiencing homelessness. She is a licensed School Social Worker who continues to increase awareness of the challenges of families in transition, address their needs through collaboration, and learn how families can improve connections to services. She believes that collaboration between education and the Partnership provides the potential for the comprehensive and coordinated provision of services that meet the needs of families in transition to provide pathways out of homelessness.

Nation Hahn

Nation Hahn is the Chief Growth Officer at EdNC.org — where he manages their partnership development, fundraising, new programmatic areas, Fellowship program, social media, and guides content around adverse childhood experiences. Nation enjoys being able to serve within an organization that promotes collaboration and innovation around a critical issue for our community. He believes we have the ability to combat and potentially eliminate hunger and homelessness within our community if we only build the public will. He serves on the board because he believes life is for service and he believes in the mission of the Partnership.

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin is the Executive Director for Greater Raleigh Merchants Association/Shop Local Raleigh. For Martin, the Partnership provides a service to a sector of population in our community we may often forget, ignore, or don’t even realize exists. She is aware that many community members wish to help, get involved, and make a difference but are often unsure of how or where to start. Volunteering with the Partnership is a step in the right direction for her: supporting others, supporting the partnership staff, and working as a member of a team to work together. She believes we are called to serve. Serving on the board allows one the opportunity to put others above one’s self and give back.

Annemarie Maiorano

Annemarie Maiorano is the Deputy Director of Wake County Human Services. For her, the Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness helps to raise public awareness about homelessness and develop strategic, thoughtful approaches to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Partnership engages and coordinates with the community so that resources are used efficiently and effectively. She serves on the board to represent Wake County on matters that pertain to homelessness and homeless service delivery.

Ashley P. Holmes

Ashley Holmes is an attorney with the law firm of Vandeventer Black LLP here in Raleigh. Holmes knows that it is an exciting time to live in Raleigh and Wake County. We are experiencing a population and economic boom, and the influx of new residents and businesses have fostered a significant amount of change in Raleigh in a short length of time.  But, even with all of this positive growth in our region, there are still significant populations who are struggling. She believes homelessness and the greater issue of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing Raleigh today, and that our community needs to address this issue head on before we reach a crisis point. The Partnership is one of the leaders on this issue, and she is particularly impressed by the way the Partnership has fostered a sense of community around this issue. Holmes serves on the board because she loves living in Raleigh, and doesn’t want anyone to have to struggle to live and work in this great city. She wants to use her time and skills to create positive change on this issue, and the Partnership has afforded her an opportunity to do that.

Adam W. Thomas

Adam Thomas is a certified public accountant. He performs financial statement audits primarily for banks and credit unions, investment and asset management companies, and technology companies. Thomas thinks the Partnership epitomizes the importance of collaboration across a broad spectrum of organizations and individuals. It provides a voice and advocacy to the underserved. For him, the passion of those involved is incredible. He serves on the board because he really wants to be part of the lofty and honorable goal of ending homelessness in Raleigh and Wake County.

George Adler

George Adler is a planner and has worked in the City of Raleigh Department of Housing & Neighborhoods, Community Development Division since November 2008. The focus of his work is affordable housing and homelessness. The Partnership serves a vital coordinating function for the delivery of services to individuals and families without homes, the only organization of its kind in Wake County. This positions the Partnership to assist homeless service providers and interact with the federal government. As a knowledgeable source of information, the Partnership can also explain the challenges and successes of working to end homelessness as we know it to the general public, elected leaders, and business people throughout our community. For that reason, the City of Raleigh takes great interest in supporting the Partnership financially and through participation on the Board. George is proud to represent the City of Raleigh on the Board of the Partnership.

Abbie Szymanski

Abbie Szymanski is the Government Affairs Events Manager for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. She believes the Partnership is a catalyst for change in the Raleigh/Wake County area. The Partnership is helping to support a vulnerable population by creating relationships and solutions for agencies working with these members of our community.  It is a step in the right direction for change and positive progress. Abbie serves on the board because she is passionate about helping those in the community that need help. She feels that everyone deserves food and shelter as a basic human right, and wants to be part the movement to see this change happen in this area.

Officer Wendy Clark

Senior officer Wendy Clark is a member of the Raleigh Police Department. She has worked with the police department for 12 years. She is currently a member of the Police Recruiting Unit. Before, she was a Community Police Officer. She has devoted a lot of her time to homeless engagement. She works with members of various agencies attempting to connect mostly homeless/mentally ill individuals with services, and works tirelessly to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

She is very grateful for the Partnership and what it stands for. The Partnership is the champion for the homeless population. She has witnessed the Partnership play an extraordinary role in securing a location where the homeless population can feel safe, fellowship and have a place to use the restroom.

Officer Clark serves on the Board of the Partnership because she feels it is her duty to be the voice of the people and make sure that all members have a good view of the obstacles that most of the homeless population encounters. Officer Clark is on the streets with the people and witnesses the day to day obstacles that the homeless population has to deal with, such as, transportation, shelter, medical care, support, safety, companionship, just to name a few.

David Smoot

David L. Smoot, PhD became active with the Partnership through efforts of downtown churches to engage more effectively with those who are experiencing homelessness.  He has been the Missions Chair and Administrative Board Chair for Edenton St UMC.  Smoot draws on his experience as a Child & Family Psychologist in working with service providers and those without homes.  He trained at Ohio University, Penn State, and Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in DC before coming to Raleigh in 1988.  Smoot has also served the NC Psychological Association as the Legislative Chair, Federal Advocacy Coordinator, and President.  He lives in Raleigh with his two children and wife, Beth, who co-founded The Green Chair Project.

Amanda Blue

Amanda Blue joined Healing Transitions (formerly The Healing Place of Wake County) as the Director of Specialized Services in July of 2010.  Healing Transitions is a homeless shelter with an innovative long-term addiction recovery program.  Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS).  She received her BA in Applied Psychology from North Carolina State University in 2005 and her Masters in Social Work, also from North Carolina State University, in 2008.  It was during this time that she was first introduced to Healing Transitions and the recovery field.

Amanda has been integrally involved in the community since she began practicing social work. She currently chairs the Homeless Service Systems and Agency Directors Advisory committees.  Amanda served on the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness Board of Directors for two years prior to being elected to an additional two year term as an Agency Representative.  She has also served as chair for several other committees and in a leadership capacity for multiple community wide initiatives.  Prior to working at Healing Transitions, Amanda served as Lead Case Manager for Urban Ministries’ Helen Wright Center for Women.  Amanda’s passion lies with homelessness, women’s services, and especially in recovery.  Her current role grants her the opportunity to see people truly turn their lives around.  It is these miracles that drive her.

Malcolm White

Malcolm White is the Community Relations Housing Specialist for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare in Wake County.  Alliance is the managed care organization for public mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services for children and adults in Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties. Alliance oversees a large network of private providers. Malcolm believes that housing is a healthcare intervention and that the Partnership can be the catalyst for collaboration to prioritize affordable housing and develop and strengthen supportive communities.  He is proud to serve on the Partnership board and help create a cooperative Housing First service system that treats people with dignity and ends the plague of homelessness in their lives.

Sejal Patel

Sejal Patel joined the partnership board 2 years ago and is currently working at Quintiles as a Senior Pricing Systems Analyst.  One of his biggest passions is to make a difference in the community, no matter how big or small.  Growing up, he visited his grandparents in India many times and saw how much they gave back to the community and supported the less fortunate.  After living in Raleigh for almost 16 years, he decided there was no better way to honor his grandparents than to support causes in the local community that were near and dear to his heart.  The work the Partnership does for the community was exactly what Sejal wanted to support.  He is focused on helping the homeless, bridging the hunger gap, and advocating for those in community who are less fortunate.  While great progress has been made over the last 2 years, there is a lot more work to be done and Sejal plans on serving on the board until the mission is completed.

Ellen Ferrone

Ellen retired at the end of 2007 after 30 years with BAE Systems in the fields of Program Management and Human Resources. Her focus included detailed coordination for multi million dollar contracts and employee development.

The Partnership brings that high level of coordination across the city of Raleigh, Wake County and numerous Agencies that is so vital to serving our community of marginalized. It is not enough to have money and resources, we need to optimize where funds are going and assistance is being provided. The Partnership has the ability to do this and look at the bigger HUD picture.

The Partnership Board is a window into all the City and County can and is doing for our community. Working with the homeless, transitioning from homelessness into housing has been a passion for the past 4 years. From a personal level the Board taps me into many services that are available. On a broader level it helps me connect the many ministries at my church with the huge need in our City. Many people want to give, some just don’t know where to go. I’m privileged to be able help make those connections.

Jon Camp

Jon Camp moved to Raleigh seven years ago to be a reporter for ABC11 and immediately got involved helping those in need. Jon’s job puts him in a unique position to see both problems and solutions in our community, and he brings those insights and communications skills to the Partnership. He has been involved in local projects and volunteering efforts in the area from the beginning, doing pro-bono work for the United Way’s 100,000 Homes Campaign, entertaining at Healing Transitions of Wake County, and doing volunteer work at myriad area non-profits. Jon joined the board of the Wake-Raleigh Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness in 2014. He served a brief stint as Vice-Chair in 2015-2016 and helps primarily with communication, messaging, and community engagement. Jon was born in Seattle, Washington. He received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Yale and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Syracuse. He has earned two regional Emmy’s, moderated U.S. Senatorial and Congressional debates, and covered presidential and gubernatorial campaigns in multiple states. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter (you may find him playing on a sunny weekend afternoon at the Oak City Outreach Center), and loves mountain biking, hiking, camping, and all things outdoors. And, whatever he’s doing, he enjoys it most with his kids and his beautiful muse.

Lindsey Arledge, MSW, LCSW

Lindsey Arledge is a licensed clinical social worker and the Supervisor of Homeless Programs for the Durham Veteran Affairs Health Care System.

  • What does the Partnership mean to you?
    • The Partnership means there is a community of diverse individuals who are committed to ending homelessness.
  • Why do you serve on the board?
    • HUD and VA have partnered to make ending homelessness among Veterans a priority.  I serve on the Board to make sure that the needs of homeless Veterans are communicated and addressed.


Julie Newman

Danielle Butler

Danielle Butler is currently the Executive Director of Family Promise of Wake County since December 2015. Prior to this, she was Director of Crisis & Homeless Services at another nonprofit that addressed youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. Within both organizations, Danielle has managed and provided oversight of programs including shelter, day shelter, outreach, aftercare, transitional housing, rapid re-housing and permanent housing. She obtained a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate of Non-Profit Management from University of North Carolina Greensboro in May 2013. In 2002, Danielle graduated from Fordham University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Children & Families. In 2001 and 1997 respectively, she acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology from Marist College and Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Dutchess Community College. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Danielle presently sits on the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness Board. She previously sat on the National Advisory Board for the Runaway & Homeless Youth Training & Technical Assistance Center managed by National Safe Place.